A Natural Guild

walnut ,cherry,mulberry,blackberryWhile visiting our friends near Philadelphia, PA, they showed us a nice place with many fruits and nuts growing beside a golf course.

The place is called Bryn Athyn. It was a former farmland currently overtaken by suburbia.

In one spot I noticed a nice example of a guild, most likely grown on its own.

The spot  measures 12 by 10 feet. It’s a sidewalk lifted 4-5 feet above an asfalt road on  its north west side. The soil is  very reach sandy loam.   The main canopy tree is a black walnut, second layer are cherry tree and mulberry, then blackberry  bushes. Nettles are on the herbs layer.  It would be easy to complete the guild with an oak tree, thyme ground cover and grapes. All of these are growing on neighbouring plots.

The walnut  and cherry trees  look at least 30 years old,  the mulberry is younger – A good Proof of this guild stability.