Mobile chicken coop is functional!

— Как вы себе представляете домкрат? Опишите своими словами.
— Такой… Падает, одним словом.
Ильф и Петров, Двенадцать стульев, Глава 31.


It took me almost the whole month to design and make a reliable platform for the chicken coop. But the hardest part was to lift the heavy structure 3 feet up and pool the platform underneath on very ruff and wet terrain. We were lifting the coop with one scissor and one hydraulic jack, and replacing the jacks with wide logs. Theoretically this should work smoothly, but in practice jacks tend to fall.

Instead of planned 2 hours the lifting took more than a day. Coop fell 3 times nullifying all previous efforts. At last our chief engineer, Gennady, suggested to lift the coop on long boards and put them on logs outside of the coop perimeter. This permitted the trailer to move freely and avoid touching jacks while maneuvering..

Chicken coop is mobile now. Two persons can move it.

Chicken coop is mobile now. Two persons can move it.

Mobile chicken coop on a platform

We can move the coop in 2 persons now. Chickens got access to fresh grass, at last…