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Farm Stories. Chapter 2. Chickens Winter Routine and Migrations.

  • Chickens are cold tolerant, but they need protection from wind and drafts. That is why in the winter they cannot live in their summer mobile chicken coops. To conserve heat, chickens live together in large flocks in the barn, sharing it with goats and sheep.
  • Sheep_and_hen_together_In_the_barn

    Chickens and sheep are sharing the barn.

  • Being in a barn, chickens form new families ‍‍‍. At night chickens from the same family stay close on perches.
  • Chicken_barn

    Chickens in the chicken barn, seating on their perches.

  • In the winter, the farm routine is slightly different from summer routine: in the morning Edward-the-farmer feeds his chickens with grains and kitchen scraps, fills their waterers with fresh water, cleans the nests and changes the bedding. In the evening, Edward-the-farmer feeds them again and collects eggs.
  • Chicken_barn

    Chickens scratch the bedding.

  • Twice a year, Edward-the-farmer migrates chickens. Migration usually occurs at night when chickens are sleeping. This is done in order to reduce the stress on the chickens, which may be caused by migration and a new place. Migration is a long process that takes several hours.
  • In the fall, chickens are moved from chicken coops to the barn. It takes several days to two weeks for the chickens to settle in the barn. Roosters may even fight to establish a new hierarchy.
  • In the spring chickens are transferred from the barn to mobile chicken coops. During the migration, Edward-the-farmer ensures to keep together chicken families. This spring, for the first time, several volunteers helped us move our chickens from the barn to the chicken coops. It took two days until all the chickens were migrated.
  • Chickens_migration

    Chickens migration in spring 2019