Our ducks

We have ducks for two years. Ducks are omnivorous, like chickens and humans.


Ducklings in summer coop


Ducks on the way to winter coop

At summer

  • Ducks eat water worms, slugs, snails and frogs
  • They live in mobile coops similar to chickens
  • They lay eggs in the grass
At winter

  • Ducks eat grains
  • They live all together in their winter coop
  • They don’t lay eggs


In general, ducks live between 5 and 10 years. How old are our ducks? On our farm we have three generations of the ducks: three years old, two years old and almost one year old.

Ducks in the pond

Ducks in the pond

Male duck

Male duck

  • Ducks are cold hardy and like swimming even during the cold days
  • They are very funny: they follow you when you walk from them, but they run away from you when you approach them
  • They can learn new things, for example, how to climb the stairs or how to recognize their own coop
    How to tell a male duck (drake) from a female duck? By their tail. Few feathers of the tail of the male duck are curled up.