Farm Stories. Chapter 10. Sheep. Introduction.

Most of our sheep are Polled Dorset breed. We have three adult sheep: two ewes and one ram. And we have a couple of baby-sheep.
Each one of them has a very distinct character.

  • Roza is a very shy and fearful ewe. Sometimes she behaves very independently that is not common for sheep.
  • Our ewe Roza

    Our ewe Roza

  • Yvushka is a friendly and calm ewe. She knows her name and likes kissing Edward-the-farmer.
  • Yvushka-the-ewe


  • Timbit is the last addition to the farm. He is a different breed, very small and shy. It took him some time to establish his position in the herd.

Our ram Timbit

Our ram Timbit

What do they eat?

  • In summer the sheep eat grass, herbs , bushes and leaves.
  • In winter they eat hay. They also like special grains, veggies and roots.

Where do they stay?

  • In summer ☀️ they stay outside during the day, and go to sleep in the barn at night.
  • In winter ☃️ they have morning and evening walks with Edward-the-farmer, the goats and Ava-the-dog, and stay inside the barn for the rest of the time, together with goats and chickens.

Sheep on a walk

Sheep on a walk

How do they behave?

  • The sheep are calm and shy but stubborn.
  • They are followers in their nature but they can run away during the walks and this is where we need the help of Ava-the-dog to bring them back home.
  • Ewes are very good mothers.