Our goats

We have three adult goats on the farm: two does and one buck. We also have a several kids (children of the goats). Each one has a very distinct character.

Cappuccina Giselle Yonkel
Cappuccina is a beautiful and very friendly female Nubian goat. She loves people and people love her too! Giselle is an Alpine goat. She has a bit of attitude and wants to be a leader. She became more gentle, calm and friendly in the last few weeks. Yonkel is the last addition to the herd. He was very shy, calm and fearful at the beginning, but now he started to show his real character of a friendly, active and curious Saanen buck.


How old are our goats? About 3 years old.

What do they eat? The goats eat weeds, bushes and leaves at summer. At winter they eat hay.

Where do they stay? At summer, they stay outside during the day, and go to sleep in the barn at night. At winter, they have morning and evening walks with Edward-the-farmer, the sheep and Ava-the-dog, and stay inside the barn for the rest of the time, together with sheep and chickens.

How do they behave? The goats are very curious and inquisitive, sometimes they fight with each other and with sheep to establish or reconfirm their position in the herd. They all like to be petted.