At project PACE, we have several adult goats at the farm and several of their (now grown) babies—otherwise known as kids!

What do they eat?

The goats love to munch on weeds, bushes and leaves in the summer. During winter, due to an inevitable lack of tasty greenery, we feed them hay.

Where do they stay?

In the summer, our goats spend the day walking around outside, then go to sleep in their barn at night. In the winter, they have morning and evening walks with Edward, the sheep and Ava. They stay cozy inside the barn during most of the day however, together with sheep and chickens.

How do they behave?

Our goats are very curious and like to follow us around with endless questions "Meeehh!". At times they get a little rambunctious and fight each other; running towards one another with their horns at the ready. Since they live with sheep, they will also attempt to establish or reconfirm their position in the herd by knocking headsunsurprisingly. Despite their assertive nature, our goats love to be pet.

Our adult goats are 2 to 5 years old. Each with a distinct personality. Our oldest and most popular goats are Cappuccina and Giselle.

Cappuccina is a beautiful and very friendly female Nubian goat. She has a soft brown coat with white ears and stripes on her snout. This year she became a great-grandmother! Give Cappuccina a good scratch between the horns, she loves it!

Giselle is an Alpine goat. She has a white coat with a black and brown stripe running down her back and along her snout. There's no denying it—she has a bit of attitude. Though she is the alpha-goat, the leader amongst her people (goats, sheep and occasionally a chicken). Despite her bossy attitude towards the herd, Giselle simply adores people, she even beckons them for pets "mehh!!" which roughly translates to: "where do you think your going? Pet me more and don't stop!". Giselle is also a wonderful mom to her kids.

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Lina Privorotsky
Lina is a professional illustrator and true animal lover.
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