Our sheep

We have a few sheep on the farm: two adult ewes and a couple of lambs. They are a pretty new addition to the farm. Each one has a very distinct character.

Roza Yvushka
Roza is a very shy and fearful, friendly and calm ewe. Yvushka is the only ewe who had milk last summer. She knows her name and likes kissing Edward-the-farmer.


How old are our sheep? About 3 years old.

What do they eat? The sheep eat grass, herbs, bushes and leaves at summer. At winter they eat hay.

Where do they stay? The same as goats: at summer, they stay outside during the day, and go to sleep in the barn at night. At winter, they have morning and evening walks with Edward-the-farmer, the goats and Ava-the-dog, and stay inside the barn for the rest of the time, together with goats and chickens.

How do they behave? The sheep are calm and shy but stubborn. They are followers in their nature but they can run away during the walks and that’s where we need Ava-the-dog’s help to bring them back home.