A very cute chicken lives on our farm, the favorite of many children. Her name is Karina. Rather, we named her Karina, though she has many names; one of the kids called her Coco, another Poireau, and someone else Honey. She gladly responds to all her names, likes to be held, loves to be pet for a long time and happily tells everyone her cute stories (koooooo-ko, ko-ko-ko). Karina is a very affectionate hen. If you or your child would like to hold a chicken in your arms, but are afraid, then you should try holding Karina. She does not run away, she is in no hurry. Quite the contrary, she is very happy being a lap hen.
Karina is actually a foundling. She appeared on our farm one fateful winter day. Edward-the-farmer found her in a cardboard box right at the entrance to the duck barn. She didn't look very healthy, and we weren't sure if she would survive. However, she gradually got used to her new environment; she grew new feathers, learned to get along with ducks, befriended Touta-the-Hen and Rex-the-Rooster, who also live in the duck barn for reasons of their own, and even began to lay eggs! Can you imagine? And now Karina is our superstar and everyone's favorite chicken. We hope that she is well with us and that she can live a long and happy life on our farm.
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Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle...
Faina Privorotsky
Faya is Edward's wife & helper, farm admin & tour guide, and a passionate yogi
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