Hey everyone! Let's talk about two of the coolest miniature horses you'll ever meet - Cosmo and Stella.

Cosmo: The Boss of the Barnyard

- What's this little horse like? Cosmo's got some attitude, making him the boss of the barnyard. He thinks all food is his and isn't afraid to let everyone know, especially Pumba the pig, Pumpkin the ram, and Vincent the goat.
- Best Equine Buddies: He's super close with Stella and hates being apart from her. They're like the dynamic duo of our farm.
Grooming Time: Cosmo loves grooming sessions. It's his time to shine and show off how handsome he is.
- Little Guy with Big Personality: Although he's tinier than full-size horses and even Stella, his personality is larger than life! This small horse makes his presence known by appearing whenever there's food that entices him.

Stella: The Heart of the Farm

- Super Sweet: Stella is the opposite of Cosmo. She's super sweet and gentle. She loves nuzzling people and making friends.
Tall and Proud: She's taller than Cosmo and loves going on adventures, especially forest walks on the farm and to mobile farms where she meets lots of people.
Winter Look: In the winter, Stella grows this adorable beard and her fur gets really fluffy. But in the summer, her coat gets short, sleek and smooth.
- Inseparable from Cosmo: Just like him, she can't stand being away from her buddy.

Why We Love Them

Cosmo and Stella might be small in size, but their personalities are massive! They've got this incredible bond, despite being so different. Cosmo's the assertive type while Stella is the gentle, loving type. Together, they make our farm's most romantic couple. 

What's the difference between a pony and a miniature horse?

Miniature horses and ponies may look similar at first glance due to their small size, but they're actually quite different. Miniature horses, like Cosmo and Stella, are bred to be smaller versions of full-sized horses, maintaining the same proportions and graceful features. They're often less than 34-38 inches in height and have a more refined, horse-like appearance. Ponies, on the other hand, are a different breed with a stockier build, thicker manes, and shorter legs in proportion to their body. They also have a broader forehead and a more robust neck. While both are known for their intelligence and gentle nature, miniature horses are generally bred more for companionship and as pets, whereas ponies are often used for riding and working due to their strength and endurance.

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