At project PACE, we have several sheep at the farm. 

What do they eat?

The sheep eat grass, herbs, bushes and leaves in summer. During winter months, they eat hay.

Where do they stay?

In the summer, just like our goats, our sheep spend the day walking around outside, then go to sleep in their barn at night. In the winter, they have morning and evening walks with Edward, the goats and Ava. They spend most of their day in the barn, along with the chickens.

How do they behave?

The sheep are calm and shy—yet stubborn. They are followers by nature but sometimes they can run away during the walks. That’s where we need Ava's help to bring them back home.

Our oldest sheep Roza, a Polled Dorset ewe, is about five years old. She is shycertainly not as inquisitive as our goats, though friendly and calm. Roza is a great mom; she takes amazing care of her children. She guards and nurtures them through thick and thin.

At project PACE, we have several adult goats at the farm and several of their (now grown) babies—otherwise known as kids!...
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Lina Privorotsky
Lina is a professional illustrator and true animal lover.
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