Ava is undoubtedly our most famous animal on the farm, not to mention our best farmhand. She is the first to greet you on the way in and the last to say goodbye. If you're open to playing with her after a tour, be sure to throw a stick—though she might not give it back!

Ava is a beautiful Labrador-Bernese Mountain mix, with short black, beige and brown fur and striking amber eyes. She is kind, loving, funny and very sweet.
We've had Ava since 2016, when she was but an 8 week old pup! Since then, she learned to protect chickens & ducks and herd sheep & goats 
(to the best of her ability)Ava grew up to be a very gentle, affectionate and intelligent dog. She loves being around her family members and is always excited to meet new friends. She is a patient, good natured dog who adores people, especially children.

Ava lives with us at home, and comes to the farm as her day job. 

Muscovy Ducks
Muscovy ducks joined our farm in 2020....
We have several very cute, soft, fluffy and gentle bunnies, also known as rabbits, at the farm....
Lina Privorotsky
Lina is a professional illustrator and true animal lover.
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