Muscovy ducks joined our farm in 2020. A friend of ours asked us to adopt her Muscovy females. And voila - we had four beautiful white Muscovy hens! In a little while we adopted a huge drake and named him Gordon. These five adult ducks formed a family. In the spring we incubated their eggs, and hatched many Muscovy ducklings. They are teens now, turning into the adults. Beautiful, strong and very social.

Muscovy's are very similar to mallards, but very different at the same time. 

Their incubation period is 35 days while for other ducks it's 28 days. Muscovy ducks not only incubate for longer, they also grow much more slowly and for longer than other ducks.

Muscovy ducks are quieter. Females quietly quack or croak when frightened and shrill softly to communicate with ducklings. Males hiss and puff during courtship. Gordon is a typical Muscovy drake! He always makes these hissing sounds.

They don't like cold water as much as other ducks. We noticed this in the winter when Muscovy's barely went into the water with other ducks.

Muscovy ducks are less shy and more social than other ducks. They love attention and don't mind being petted.

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