We name some of our chickens. Harry, Ron and Hermione trio was one of our first attempts to hatch chicken eggs in incubator. The trio hatched in spring 2016. They lived in our house in a rabbit cage together with our pet rabbit who loved those baby chicks. Once, when we were feeding them, Ron ran out of the cage, and started running around the house. It took us a while to catch him and place back in the cage. When the trio grew up and was introduced to the chicken flock, they stayed together and kept their friendship.

Harry, pure ameraucana blood, died at young age (no dark magic involved!). Ron, the mix of a white-laying hen and an ameraucana rooster, was the most active chick in this trio. He became an alpha-rooster of the entire flock by the end of 2016. Hermione became a nice brown-ish ameraucana hen. She is still alive and is one of the oldest hens on our farm.

A very cute chicken lives on our farm, the favorite of many children....
Faina Privorotsky
Faya is Edward's wife & helper, farm admin & tour guide, and a passionate yogi
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