We have three beautiful alpacas at Project PACE: Riley, Abe & Pita!

What do they eat?

Our Alpacas eat hay, grass and alpaca grains. Alpacas are herbivores and can only eat vegetation.

What is their behavior like?

Alpacas are very docile. They’re mostly quiet, but will make funny sounds when they get excited for food! They’re gentle and curious creatures. Though it’s still important to be respectful of them as they might spit if they get annoyed (though usually alpacas only spit at each other and never at people). 

Alpacas vs Llamas

Alpacas are much smaller than llamas. We can think of them as cousins. Slightly different features, especially when it comes to their fleece. Llamas don’t have the same lovely, shaggy fleece that alpacas do! Alpacas also have different ears and faces from llamas; straight pointed ears and small, blunt noses.

What is an alpaca’s lifespan?

Alpacas can live up to 15-20 years!

Where do Alpacas come from?

Alpacas are native to South America; they live in the mountainous areas of southern Colombia and Ecuador, south to northern Chile and northern Argentina.¹


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Lina Privorotsky
Lina is a professional illustrator and true animal lover.
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